Empowering Specialists with Adaptive Virtualized Care

Our approach

Every patient is unique and deserves comprehensive care beyond the clinic

Story Health makes it simple for specialists to understand medical situations and make clinical decisions that are implemented at scale through virtual protocols. The end result is more patients on optimal care sooner.

The Patient Story

We understand and address any barriers patients may have, to provide care that adapts to their needs.

A man in wheelchair talking to an elderly woman sitting down.

The Clinical Story

Our solution implements evidence-based guidelines that are supported by the collective stories of past cases.

A scientist reading a book next to a microscope and bottle of medicine.

The Data Story

We use data from high frequency sources to help clinicians understand and take action on the physiological effects of disease and therapy.

A person walking with data charts and graphs around them.

Our TECHnology

Adaptive Virtualized Care

Virtualized Therapy Management

Clinical, pharmacy, lab, and home data are interpreted to help specialists make the best decision for every patient

Adaptive Machine Learning

High quality data and evidence are brought together to build the best care plan for every patient, which are adaptive to real world situations

Patient Centered Design

Easy to understand care plans give confidence in our most vulnerable patients and their families as they are guided through at-home treatments

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